Transit Data and OpenStreetMap

Nikolai Janakiev (@njanakiev), Triply

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

  • 2006 Initial Release by Google
  • Multi-Modal Routing

GTFS Schema

Public GTFS Data Sources

Public Feeds @

Feeds BBox

Coverage Europe

Feeds BBox Europe

GTFS Tools

Reading and Writing


CUTR-at-USF/awesome-transit - Community list of transit APIs, apps, datasets, research, and software


OSM Elements

  • highway=bus_stop
  • route=bus
    • type=route
  • public_transport=*
    • type=public_transport
    • public_transport=station
    • public_transport=stop_area

Vienna Subway U3 (relation/2928575)

Vienna U3

Vienna WLB Badner Bahn (relation/2024982)

Vienna WLB

Generating GTFS Feeds from OSM Data


  • Assumptions: Time and Frequency
  • Filtering of Route Types
  • Filtering of smaller Agencies

Vienna GTFS

Trip Frequency

Vienna Trips Per Hour

Comparing Results

  • Comparing Isochrone Polygons (OpenTripPlaner)
  • Comparing Percentile Isochrones (R5) based on time percentiles
    • Mean Absolute Deviation
    • Mean Absolute Distance

Vienna Isochrones Official Vienna Isochrones Generated

Vienna Isochrones Walk Vienna Isochrones Walk

Mean Absolute Deviation

Vienna MAD

Mean Absolute Distance

Vienna Distance Histogram

Mean Absolute Distance Error

Vienna Distance Error

Transit Data and OpenStreetMap

Nikolai Janakiev (@njanakiev), Triply

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